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The GeoDEV network is based on a common desire to upgrade institutional bodies that specialise in handling and processing Earth observation satellite data: direct, indirect or virtual data acquisition systems; centres for data computing or recurrent processing; data processing service providers; and service providers for disseminating data, associated products, value-added products and geo-information of thematic interest to the global south.

In mainland France, the Theia Data Centre – and, more widely, the IR Système Terre (Research Infrastructure) with its three other data centres (Form@ter, Aeris, Odatis)– connect the data infrastructures that are useful for the interactions of network members: the product catalogue of the Theia Data Centre; the platform for exploiting Sentinel products at CNES (PEPS); the GEOSUD platform for direct satellite reception and processing Spot 6-7 imagery; the public service delegation for Pléiades satellites; etc. To unite these different infrastructures, the IR (Research Infrastructure) has been implementing a national satellite imagery platform since 2018, known as DINAMIS (Dispositif Institutionnel National d’Approvisionnement en Imagerie Satellitaire) equipped with a unified meta-catalogue.

In the French overseas regions and collectivities and in the global south, GeoDEV provides and links these infrastructures with institutional platforms operated by partners that have similar equipment. To this end, ART promotes or carries out projects aimed at integrating data, uses and applications to meet the needs and priorities of the institutional actors responsible for regional knowledge, management and development (scientists, regional authorities, government services and agencies).

ART’s founding members are mobilising resources to set up a GeoDev experimentation and adaptation platform in the global south for processing chains or products that are of use to network members.

If you would like to suggest a collaborative project as part of the infrastructure network, send an email to : contact@aRT-geodev.FR

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