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Cooperation projects

The initiatives, projects, programmes and activities led or supported by GeoDEV are positioned downstream of scientific work and programmes developed in the fields of Earth observation and satellite information processing.

These actions fall into three main categories: training, educational or support activities for appropriating space-based observation tools; activities for transferring tools, technological capacities, methods and skills; and activities for co-developing new applications or indicators on natural or anthropogenic processes that affect regions or the environment in the global south.

The activities are conducted in the context of cooperation projects, technical or scientific conventions, consortia, pilot actions or training programmes led by ART members.

The member area – which you can access via the INTRANET page – provides more detailed information on these projects.

To suggest an initiative or project within the network, please email: contact@art-geodev.fr



Satellite images for the sustainable management of
regions in Africa.

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Feasibility study for a project designed to support agricultural policies in West African countries.

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Agro-ecological zoning of land in Guinea.

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S2- Malaria

Utilisation des données Sentinel-2 pour la surveillance du paludisme en Afrique.

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Impact assessment of forest management methods on deforestation in the Congo Basin.

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Land Use Planning for Enhanced Resilience of Landscapes – Mozambique.

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Mapping agricultural areas in the Antananarivo agglomeration.

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Haïti GeoDEV

Expression of need, feasibility studies, designs and skills upgrading

Helping communities using space-based observation in Haiti to appropriate and use satellite imagery.

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Madagascar GeoDEV

Expression of need, facilitating communities, centre of excellence

Helping scientific and institutional communities set up a centre of excellence.

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SEAS Guyane Évolution – Phase 3

Satellite-assisted surveillance of the Amazonian environment

Support for Phase 3 for developing the French Guiana infrastructure: from the satellite reception antenna to the Caribbean-Amazon centre of excellence.

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SEAS-OI Évolution – Phase 2

Satellite-assisted environmental surveillance in the Indian Ocean

Supporting the expansion of the Indian Ocean centre of excellence.

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Observatory on the dynamics of interactions between societies and environments in the Amazon.

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Management, indicator and territory: environment and health in Brazil.

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LMI Sentinela

Cross-border observatories on the environment, climate and vector-borne diseases.

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