Gabon seminars, April 11-13, 2016

During the second Gabon Geomatic Seminars (J-Géo, April 12-13) on space information, decision support and sustainable development, GeoDEV seminars were held in Libreville with many institutions from Central and West Africa in attendance.

Several papers were given during the plenary sessions, with presentations by Theia and GeoDEV (CNES/DIA, IRD/Espace-Dev). IRD‘s activities in Africa on the mapping of forest types by remote sensing were also presented (IRD/Amap) as well as the progress of the OSFACO project: Observation spatiale des forêts d’Afrique Centrale et de l’Ouest (Space-Based Observation of Central and West African forests) (IGNFi for the OSFACO consortium). CIRAD‘s activities were raised by IRD/Amap.

A workshop on expression of needs led by the GeoDEV team was held as a side event. A questionnaire distributed to participants prior to the event was used to feed into discussions about local and regional perspectives for networking Earth observation and remote sensing skills centres.

The cooperation between the Agence Gabonaise d’Études et d’Observations Spatiales (AGEOS)– joint-organiser of the 2016 J-Géo – CNES and IRD was discussed in connection with the Theia / GeoDEV offer and the progress made by scientific expertise centres.

Prior to the J-Géo, a round table was organised on April 11 by AGEOS on the theme of remote sensor training. GeoDEV participants had the opportunity to contribute to the discussions about the planned international master’s degree in remote sensing / GIS led by the agency.


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