Workshop: a new French space policy based on development aid?

As part of the Toulouse Space Show, IRD, CNES, IGN FI and CIRAD organised a related event on June 30, 2016 – Earth observation in Africa: the development challenges.

The event consisted of three sessions at the initiative of ART GeoDEV following the seminars held in Libreville in April 2016.

Three public institutions (CNES, CIRAD, IRD), several UMRs (Joint Research Units: Espace-Dev, Cesbio, Tetis…) and six private companies (IGN FI, SIRS, Telespazio, BRL, CLS, ADS) demonstrated the potential of space-based observation in Africa, presenting applications related to resource management (biodiversity, water, soil, fishing, etc.) and the regions.

Representatives from lIRD, AFD, CNES and IGN FI subsequently discussed the challenges of a French space policy based on development aid.

The presentations and debate highlighted the availability of space data and the quality of the work carried out. They also underlined the importance of developing practical applications that are tailored to the needs of decision-makers and that factor in the diversity of situations. Priority themes need to be selected so that the work can be focused.

Participants (donors, researchers and private operators) expressed their interest in creating a French space policy based on development aid in partnership with Europe and African actors in the sector. Capacity building, setting up networks, development and ownership of applications by African partners emerged as the main lines of work.

A strategy for a French space policy based on development aid will be sketched out for September. It will be presented and discussed with our African partners at a workshop in spring 2017 in West Africa.

Find out more :“Earth observation in Africa : the development challenges” Toulouse Space Show presentations

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