Second Madagascar seminars, September 11-12, 2017

The seconds GeoDEV seminars organised by the Comité Intersectoriel de Télédétection de Madagascar (CITM – Cross-Sector Committee for Remote Sensing in Madagascar), CNRE (French Centre for Environmental Research) and the IRD representative body in Madagascar had several objectives.

The first was to continue the work that was started at the 2016 seminars by examining in more detail the arrangements for setting up the remote sensing resource centre as outlined in the roadmap drawn up by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

The seminars were divided into three parts: a plenary meeting attended by the 60 participants was followed by parallel work in four thematic committees and rounded off with a session devoted to outcomes and recommendations.

The four thematic committees that brought together professionals from each sector were as follows:

  • Environment and natural resource management;
  • Regional and coastal monitoring and planning;
  • Social sciences and health;
  • Infrastructure and tools.

The principle adopted consisted of a progressive implementation in three stages:

  1. Preparation of sector projects, each with its respective objectives and scope; to be presented to donors;
  2. Aggregation of project leaders into a consortium sharing the objective of a pooled-skills centre;
  3. Development of the consortium during the execution of projects or at their end by formalising an Earth observation centre in Madagascar.

At the same time, a work programme was drawn up among partners for launching a series of actions led by CNRE designed improve the cohesion and facilitation of the Earth observation user community: a cycle of technical workshops, Facebook-type communication tools, and setting up and disseminating an inventory of data and tools used by the community.

CNRE is counting on an International Solidarity Volunteer, who arrived in Antananarivo in August, to carry out these tasks.

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